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Greco was built in 1962. The school was named in honor of Mr. Angelo L. Greco, Sr., who was born in Santo Stefano, Sicily, in 1893. He came to the United States when he was 5 years old. He served in the U.S. Army during World War I. After he was married, he and his wife opened their eighth flower shop in Ybor City. Mr. Greco had a reputation for honesty and integrity. He served as a volunteer interpreter for the U.S. Customs Service. He was so grateful to this country and wanted to express his appreciation. Angelo Greco was urged to run for a position as a School Board Trustee. He was elected trustee and served as chairman for six out of twelve years that he was in office. Angelo Greco, Sr., died August 23, 1959. Greco Junior High was rededicated in 1997 and was renamed Greco Middle School.

VISION: (District): To become the nation's leader in developing successful students.

MISSION: (District): To provide an education that enables each student to excel as a successful and responsible citizen.

VISION: (Greco): To offer a quality education that will enable students to compete and succeed in today's society.

MISSION: (Greco): To provide each student with a rigorous and relevant curriculum that fosters excellence in academics and cultivates productive leaders.


Last Modified: Mar 27, 2015