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panel expand or collapseWhat is Pre-KAPS?
The Pre-KAPS program is a College Board sponsored partnership between Greco Middle, King High, colleges, and universities. At Greco, students are challenged by taking high school courses in middle school so as soon as they reach 9th grade, they immediately begin taking college-level Advanced Placement (AP) credit courses.

Why should students be in the Pre-KAPS program?
AP courses give students exposure to college-level materials and skills, and the opportunity to earn college credit if a 3 or higher is earned on an AP subject exam. Advanced Placement courses challenge students; with a focus on content knowledge, analytical reasoning skills, and disciplined study habits. Students also enjoy specialized field trips, incentives, and ~much more!

Which grade levels are able to be in program?
At Greco Middle School, the program is available to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.

How can students enroll into the Pre-KAPS program?
Students can register through their grade level Guidance Counselors. Parents should contact GMS and request to speak with the Guidance Department. ~

Benefits of being a part Pre-KAPS Program Academy

Pre-KAPS students get first priority to enroll into the CFES program (College For Every Student)
Earn High School credits by the 8th grade!
Visit and work with professionals in your area of interest
Educational Field Trips
Frequent Guest Speakers
Essay Contests
USF Engineering Expo
Relay for Life
Involvement in an integrated curriculum
To be a part of an educational cohort of students and teachers with shared visions and goals.
Be active in community events
Have pride and enthusiasm for education

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